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We understand how important Photoshoots are for your endeavors. Quite often the challenge is to make all the arrangements to conduct a Photoshoot. This is where our team will help you. Our team which includes highly skilled photographers and other professionals will do all the set-up including logistics that will enable you to produce highest quality results.

assignment.imagedb is arm of imagedb.com where by we put together services of different arms of Production as photography, Model Coordination , Styling and bring out the Net result - Photoshoot. We have Photographers who specializes in Still, Food, Fashion and Travel Photography and have done extensive photoshoots for our Stock Photography Website, Corporates, Advertising agencies and for
E-Commerce Companies.

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We have been assigned as Preferred Vendor for 3 of the biggest E-Commerce Companies in India to shoot for their marketplace platforms.

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Product Photography Visit our Gallery

When we see the picture of a product in an advertisement, based on how it looks we create an impression or appeal about the product. In the digital world, images play even more crucial role. Our expertise in product photography will make your product look astonishingly well and thereby creating positive sentiment about it.

Choosing a photographer who places quality at the top of the priority list is always a good decision. In the end, you want to have great looking photos that you can be proud to show your Clients. Our Photographers always kept this mind while shooting products for clients.! A perfect product shot will entice someone to want that product, whatever it is, so it needs to properly display what it is and convey it's message.

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Lifestyle PhotographyVisit our Gallery

Lifestyle photography is about giving you exactly what you are looking for. The small moments in day to day life become lifetime memories if preserved in pictures. Our team will provide you all the lifestyle photography content as per your personal or business requirements. We hope you will create memories too.

To capture every moment-Good or bad, every occasion, every personality, every figure most important every emotion attached with the particular person one has the ability to actually connects himself with the moment, Occasion and personality, we will make sure that all above is achieved once you connect with us. Well in a nutshell its YOU in Photograph that makes it so Special.

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Fashion PhotographyVisit our Gallery

When it comes to fashion industry, it requires an artistic approach to creatively display the ornaments. We do the fashion photography very carefully while ensuring the style and elegance. We promise to deliver the top quality Fashion Photography that will brighten your exhibition

“Fashion” the term should not only be interpreted in the meaning of clothes and accessories but it also relates lifestyle aspects to it's meaning. It reflects how we live today, in the past or in the future. This approach helps us to handle fashion photography in a more creative way and there are almost no boundaries anymore.

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Food PhotographyVisit our Gallery

Food as they say is tasted not just with tongue but also with eyes. The new customers are obviously going to decide their preferences based on how appealing the dishes look. We will help you in the photography to create that appeal. You serve tasty food, we make it look better - together we enhance the cravings for your food.

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Hotel and Restaurant PhotographyVisit our Gallery

As we start booking a hotel or searching a new restaurant we make a strong impression about them based on how they look. Reviews definitely help but due to lack of time to read them and our perception's dependency more on eyes than reviews make it very important that the hotels or the restaurants look extremely presentable in print advertisements, travel portals or corporate websites. Our professional team will take care of each and every aspect of it.

ID:  1846977

Travel Photography Visit our Gallery

In recent times, travel has become a common interest and accordingly Travel Photography has spread its wings. One of the basic desires of human beings is to see the new places. The attractive pictures of new places from our skilled photographers will touch everyone's heart through their eyes.

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Imagedb is one of the largest Stock Photo agencies producing and acquiring creative Indian content for entire range of businesses. We specialize in images, footages and illustrations. Everything that our clients create or do, we work to make it look astonishing. Our top notch team is always coming up with new ideas and methods to set new standards of quality.

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Our clients include a range of businesses from small to big industries from diversified segments. Anyone who needs creative content, we are happy to serve them.

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